Usability Inspection Surprise #1

SurpriseThis post initiates a new cycle on my blog, it will be a series of stories about the problems encountered during the “Usability Inspections“. Time to time unexpected and surprising user interfaces solutions. Examples are taken from real life, sometimes You will ask “How is it possible?” 🙂 When usually Usability Inspection gives us a headache ? When we have finished product and someone enters on a brilliant idea: “All is ready, functional tests are running, I will give it to someone from quality department for an overall rating”. From the requirements implementation point of view, the program works flawlessly, has a set of test scripts, testers have done it hundreds of times. Called for a quality review, taken with the conviction that our opinion at this stage of the project will have little relevance, because the retail plans are prepared, often the program is already on the market and N of customers have our company promise install next day. We begin to inspection and encountered the form below … Little puzzle – where Click to perform search query? 🙂

Usability surprise - insane formIf you have good UI habits then you click the “Reset” – the inputs will clear 🙂 After a while of thinking, you will say “This is a bug! There are not submit button.”, phone call for testers or project manager. The conversation impression is that he does not know quite what we have a problem with, a search form has been tested hundreds of times. Result of a conversation: “Click on the magnifying glass icon!!!” The person you talk to says that is normal, intuitive.

We have to accept that we are the only person who does not accept the program because of the usability at the moment. On the argument “This is not the way of designing user interfaces!”, we get the answer “I mean, it works, we all already use this application.” Moreover, after more testing, we see that all the forms to operate in the same way, disaster.
We are writing the opinion, but next time no one will give us an application to usability inspection! We become outsider:)?

Usability surprise reading directionThis is a very pessimistic scenario, but the repeated cases of this type can bring us to such dangers. How do I fix this? Usability inspections need to be conducted from the very beginning, from the design phase. If we have a prototyping (Agile) or use the Paper Prototyping will be much easier for us. If we have product on the market let’s prepare the draft procedure for approval of changes in the GUI.

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