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Social Media User Expectations Dish

steak-fritesPeople are weird: they want an appetizer which integrate social media (TechCrunch) preferably by some OpenID (Does OpenID Really Open Anything?) it is hard but they further order main course which is designed to form a desktop application, such as instant messenger, it will have all info in order and will ring when needed. For dessert, we would like, probably, to have all data straight in the brain by a special matrix style interface. ( – works but not right way:))

Main dish

  • Juicy, medium-done steak, first grade – all our friends and our social information goes into a single point, we do not login on anywhere, all notices stream down within a specified standard. The information can be cut lengthwise and across, it can be viewed on the fork of the three sides, swallowed, postponed for later or discarded when it is too difficult to bite.
  • French fries based on best quality potatoes, hand-cuted just prior to frying in fresh oil – a mechanism for additional applications and plug-ins to all things, may benefit from the BBQ sauce. French fries can do eat man or a bite with a piece of meat.
  • BBQ sauce – a nice interface, the skin mechanism, improves the taste of many dishes of this type, but sometimes the taste is dominant and this is a bad omen

We do not want someone to see what we have on a plate, preferably the waiter together with the chef should not see our food.
In addition, we require that the meal should taste and looked good on paper, plastic or porcelain plate. Must be the “on the go” version, portable, which we can swallow on way to work. Waiter responds quickly on any of our complains and give us new portion. The recipe is to be opensource.

And the best at the end – is a free restaurant!

This post is so metaphorical and strange but I am a big fan of cooking, who eat a steak very long ago 🙂


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