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Visualize Your JIRA Workflow

JIRA has a great workflow management even not heaving diagram mouse drawing tool. Adding steps in table is simple, fast and pretty but sometimes someone need to see diagrams – possible ? Yes, look at this JIRA plugin – 5 minutes of instalation and You can create graph like this on right. Look at all […]

Distributed Test Automation Infrastructure Plan #1

This post is mainly for those who know how much good can give us the tests automation, trying to apply and increase the quality of its software. However, from the group of potential readers, I does not exclude those who have not implemented this type of solution because they lack a coherent approach to a […]

Hard times for content based companies ?

Today’s online market is divided into those that provide content, on those who are brokers in the flow and aggregation and those who support the community that creates and manage the information. You can make money on providing information for money (pay per view), you can display ads in the appropriate number of visits. No […]

Usability testing vs usability inspections

In the days of Test Driven Development – unit tests, test automation, gui testing, etc. we can unconsciously quit thinking about usability part of application. There will be no errors but helpdesk will stuck with user complains. Usability should be a mainstream in quality assurance team. Testers managers must be thinking globally even if the […]

Quality Assurance and Software Testing Certification

What to do first if You are manager who starts project and must establish quality assurance department ? You need people, some test manager and test engineers, how to do it, which aspects requests our attention ? Education, work experiences or maybe certificates ? Nowadays I observe that majority of software testing oriented people attaches […]


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