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Community dilemma

This subject is not really connected with software quality but rather with my current professional activity. I want to touch communities profile linking issue, just do a little introduction to next posts.
Everyone of us, I think, want to have, one and only one online profile for all our web applications, webmail and web communities. One profile means one data, one connections list, etc. beautiful right ? 🙂 Is there any chance, nowadays, to have that kind of functionality ? Opensocial ?

communityOpensocial (Wikipedia) – OpenSocial is a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) for web-based social network applications, developed by Google along with MySpace and a number of other social networks. It was released November 1, 2007. Applications implementing the OpenSocial APIs will be interoperable with any social network system that supports them, including features on sites such as, MySpace, orkut, Netlog,, Friendster, Ning and Yahoo!.

Great idea, great definition ? Solution of that type must face business side of all these community portals, each of them would like to be the number one, the major, the most important. So I and my business colleagues are thinking that “opensocial” concepts will connect only smallest one. Now we have examples of opensocial cooperation on LinkedIn, we can plan out trip using embedded gadget – great stuff but we cannot transmit profile info 🙁 – sad.

How to do it in another way ? Use local API, I think.

  • access to wide range of portal functionality;
  • independent from “opensocial” like solutions.


  • many communities to connect, many API to implement;
  • hard to manage multiple profile data.

What do You think about my thoughts, nowadays, decision to build new community is very dangerous – and which way we choose standing on the crossroads ?


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