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iTestBot – new idea in test automation

Idea is not new at all but cute implementations must pay our attention. iTestBot made by AKS-Labs is one of these solutions that I’m looking for. Click “Play” at the end of the day and read tests report next morning ! without mass number of test scenarios, performed by several testers who base on “click […]

Working between…

It is possible to work between ? Between IT and Business ? Between project timesheet and sales chart ? Between standards and buzzwords ? Often we have a possibility to choose our career path, to be strictly on IT or business side, sometimes we cannot have that occasion, because of company structure and finally sometimes […]

Test Automation with AutoIT – Start and gain a value

Those of You who don’t have any test automation at all has probably faced the dilemma: do it ? is it possible ? is it working ? I propose You to take a fast test automation kick-off and gain a value and improve quality. I will describe how to write and use test case for […]

Community dilemma

This subject is not really connected with software quality but rather with my current professional activity. I want to touch communities profile linking issue, just do a little introduction to next posts. Everyone of us, I think, want to have, one and only one online profile for all our web applications, webmail and web communities. […]

Issue life cycle

Issue ? or Bug or Improvement or Feature or Requirement, this is a question – question often asked by non IT people, why ? First of all we must define the name for all objects in our bug tracking system, the name and the meaning. Issue for developer, for tester, for helpdesk guy, for business […]


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